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Al Pitcher - My happy place
Al Pitcher is an English standup comedian who has managed to make Swedes laugh about Sweden.
In autumn 2020, Pitcher sets off on an extensive tour of the country with his new show “My Happy Place”. “My Happy Place” is about Pitcher's signature humour, Sweden, that has become his home and Happy Place. Via Swedes and Swedish traditions, which he still struggles to understand, he tries to find a place where he fits in and, like everyone else, searches for happiness. Is there such a place? If so, where? Al Pitcher welcomes audiences to his world and his Happy Place. “I´m so excited to be doing this show, it’s my biggest yet, the Swedish audiences in my opinion are the best, they laugh hard and if they don’t laugh it’s not funny. It’s a very serious world right now, so please do come join me in my happy place and I will make it your happy place.” Al Pitcher was born in England, but grew up in New Zealand and launched his standup career in London in 1999. He moved to Sweden in 2010 and quickly became a big name on the Swedish standup scene, winning “Best male comedian” at the Swedish Comedy Gala in 2011. In 2012, he toured to sell-out audiences with his “Fika Tour”, followed by “Påtår” in 2013 and “Näämen it’s the Al Pitcher Tour” in 2014-2015.
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